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Bioboost® is an organic, slow-release, granular fertiliser suitable for general garden use.

    Why Use Bioboost®?

  • There is no need to water
  • apply now and it is ready to work when moisture comes along.
  • Slow, long-lasting release
  • releases minerals and nutrients over a 12 to 16 week period. Bioboost® lasts even longer during periods of cold and dry creating slow growing conditions.
  • Uniform Growth
  • provides uniform growth and a well-established root system.
  • Adds Organic Matter
  • promotes beneficial microbial activity and improves the soil's ability ot grow and naurture grass and plants.
  • Weed and pathogen free
  • Bioboost® is heated to 80°C without affecting the nutrient value.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally friendly - no need to worry about groundwater and well contamination. The slow release properties of Bioboost® stays in the root zone, even with frequent watering or in sandy soils.
KPMG Supreme Innovation Award 2001
KPMG Local Government Innovation Award 2001
Taranaki Regional Council Environmental Awards 2001
New Zealand Post Overall Winner for Management of Excellence Award 2002
New Zealand Post Category Winner for Process Management 2002
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